RM Rail Expresses Interest In Rail Transport Industry Of Pakistan

Recently, Russia Manufacturer of freight rolling stock has expressed their interest in Investing Pakistan Railways. RM Rails based in Russia is keen for investing in Pakistan and to work with Pakistan Railways. Global Group one delegation visited RM Rails in Saransk. RM Rails has many manufacturing units and RM Rail’s manufacturing is also based in Saransk, Russia. Delegates of Global group one also ment with DG planning Pakistan railways to discuss the project.

Pakistan and Russia have multiple opportunities to collaborate and thus have a good hands on for exchanging the opportunities. RM Rails has been always keen to expand their business and invest into the projects which will boost Russian economy. Pakistan has been a hub for such investments because the consumer base for railways is strong within Pakistan. However the RM Rail

In recent times Pakistan and Russia agreed to have a joint venture and decided to upgrade, modernize and enhance railways infrastructure of Pakistan. During a 6th Pak Russia Inter governmental commission which was based on economics, trade, scientific and technical cooperation – Economics affair minister Hammad azhar informed that they are negotiating with Russian investment in the local market and the government has invited them to invest in the transport industry of Pakistan. Later the Russian investors showed their interest in investing for the Pakistan transport industry. Global Group One delegated to meet the authorities to discuss the project.



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