Punjab Governor Vows Support To Russian Companies Wanting To Invest In Pakistan

American firm Global Group One’s Marketing Director Yawar Syed, who is also representing various Russian companies for their ongoing and upcoming investment projects in Pakistan, met Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar at Governor House on Monday. The governor welcomed the Russian companies’ plans to invest in Pakistan and said that the Punjab government would extend support to all the projects of public interest. Sarwar added that investors will be provided a conducive environment and promised transparency and timely completion of the projects. The governor reiterated that encouraging foreign investment in Pakistan is one of the priorities of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

Talking to Daily Times, Yawar Syed said that the leading manufacturer of robots and medical simulators in Russia, EIDOS-Medicine LLC, is currently working with Punjab government to establish a simulation center in Punjab, which would be the first such center in government sector in Pakistan. The medical simulators technology is not yet available in government sector in Pakistan, nor does any government institute offer accreditation.

Syed further informed that due to the current government’s ‘friendly policies’, a number of other Russian business entities and various local and national government organizations of Russia also want to initiate joints ventures of mutual interests in Pakistan, adding that he is in talks with Pakistani officials in order to make it happen.

Medical Simulation is the modern day methodology used to train healthcare professionals i.e. doctors and surgeons by making use of essential advanced educational technology. This kind of training has been termed necessary by experts internationally, but Pakistan lags behind in this regard as medical professionals here are not trained the way they should be trained. Syed added that he held several meetings with medical experts in Pakistan, who have stressed on the importance to have medical simulators in all government institutes.

The Russian medical company is willing to provide the technology to Pakistan, but a few bureaucratic formalities have to be done before the plan is materialised. For this purpose, Syed is currently engaging with government officials and is hopeful that the projects will soon see the light of the day.

This article was originally published by Daily Times.



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