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A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding your target audience is vital for the entire campaign that will help steer your strategy in the right direction. Our expert marketers know to build the connection with the ideal audience who happen to go out there to buy your product or service. The prospective customer behavior is studied in detail to help you align with their sensibilities and product accordingly. We ensure to create a unique value proposition that can be used to get the customer on board, which is a part of the new product launch strategy.

Campaign Launch

Our team works on the concept first hand and gets it tested to ensure that your product or service is ready for launch. We know that the timing of the launch Is crucial for the product or the service to succeed. Moreover, we ensure that the market is absolutely ready to embrace your product or service as it goes public for the first time. Global Groupone has always set its eyes on the target and accomplished making you get the right product launch each time. Our job is to utilize the best marketing strategies to get your product or service the right amount of coverage in no time.

Launch Strategy

After analyzing the market and the existing competition, we also delve into the customer psyche to build a successful launch strategy. Our product launch marketing strategy caters to press releases, online blog posts, social media marketing, and even email marketing to get you the maximum outreach possible when your product comes out in the market. When working on multiple marketing channels, we ensure that your product gets to every potential customer. Our strategy of creating a viral buzz on the online platform will enable you to stay way ahead of your rivals. We do beta testing before the launch strategy so that we are doubly sure that our plan delivers the best results once the launch happens.

Monitoring & Review

The crucial part of every launch is to know that is a backing of a comprehensive product launch marketing strategy in place. Our team ensures that the momentum begins right from the pre-launch activities and hits the peak when the actual launch happens. We work on consistently monitoring the entire process of the marketing campaign that we have created for your product or service. Our first job is to capitalize on the momentum built and encompass all the benefits when you get those optimal results. Our specialists know how to get your product trending and even work on achieving brand loyalty at the same time.

Our Market Research Services Includes

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Our Market Research Services Includes

Once we launch your product and know how well the product or service is received, we meticulously work on holding on to the customer to convert into a loyalist. Our team works round the clock to get the maximum possible visibility for the product and reach the masses. We build a strong customer base for our clients and bring the company’s sales and revenue.

Market Research Analysis

Before you venture into the market or expand your reach, we make sure all the hurdles get worked upon, such as your competitors, the market situation, and the pricing of similar products and services. The vital aspect of having a competitive edge over others is to have an in-depth understanding of your target customers. Global Groupone works on providing the relevant information required to understand the market and industry better so that you know the current trends that sell, competitors that are already in the fray, and the innovations that have made an impact in the existing scenario. It helps us build effective marketing strategies and develop informed decisions that help us reach out to our clients and serve them better.

Expert Team

Our team of experts employs best industry practices when they gather, record, analyze data to launch a new product or service. It gives you the impetus to set the pricing and develop the business plan enabling you to reach out to new markets. We know how to get a peer group development modeling, and project evaluation is done through extensive market assessment, benchmarking, data mining as well as segmentation through competition analysis. When we know how the industry is trending through our forecast, it can help us develop the right marketing strategy for your product or service.

Customer Intention Analysis

Our team’s forte lies in the profound knowledge in conducting sales forecasting and market tracking surveys. It helps us gather the relevant market estimates of the customer preferences and their purchasing intentions and the judgemental bootstrapping that becomes part of our strategy’s secondary market information.

Competitor’s Strategies Analysis

We work on different market segments and assess the competitor’s strategies and every other possible information. Our specialized team is getting hard to find information from primary and secondary sources, which includes numerous platforms such as social media sites, business directories, forums, and even online portals, etc. It gives us all the data that we need to have insights and forecast how the industry functions. It will help us facilitate better decision maintenance and provide great inputs for the marketing campaign.

Marketing Research Services

Our wide range of marketing research services goes beyond the usual products and services to various other industries from banking to medical institutions, insurance, legal services, automotive, real estate, information technology, media, and telecommunications. We even provide services even for non-profit organizations.

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