Auto BDC

With the support of an experienced automotive BDC, you can have more productive conversations with your customers, capitalize on every lead and sell more cars and service.

How can a dealership BDC change your business?

For most dealerships, dealer groups, customer experience (CX) is, more than ever, the key differentiating factor in market competition, as well as market retention and customer loyalty. Today’s service customers are won or lost based on their experience communicating with the dealership. Yet service drives today remain overwhelmed with balancing the handling of the phones and attending to the customers in the drive, risking multiple customer experience fail points. We help dealers maximize their potential by turning mishandled opportunities into opportunity for growth.

Customer Satisfaction

More dealers today have recognized the need for a new contact point between the dealership’s service department and the customer to improve or enhance satisfaction for both customers as well as service lane staff. We drive your service absorption & profitability by booking service appointments on your dealership’s behalf. Our automotive call center allows your dealership staff to spend more time with customers in the drive increasing profitability and CX.

Streamlined Service

Go Global Group One automotive BDC streamlines customer service calls and the scheduling of your service appointments, so you can focus on providing the best customer experience possible. Our highly trained and experienced BDC specialists streamline phone calls, emails, social media contacts, and more for dealerships across the country. Instead of having to organize your customer communication from multiple departments in the dealership, we optimize all your modes of communication in one place to make communicating with your customers easier and more efficient. This includes streamlining outreach and follow-up calls.

Experts in the Automotive

Larger BDCs that don’t funnel their expertise into one niche are unable to provide the best service or meet customer needs. By focusing solely on car dealerships, our customer service professionals are experts at helping your customers and can accurately and efficiently solve their problems and meet their needs. Our staff are trained specifically in the automotive industry -- unlike those at larger call centers -- so they can communicate effectively with you and your customers. Our automotive specialists know the specifics of the dealership industry, such as recalls, service schedules, and other information based on vehicle makes and models. This makes all the difference in creating a positive customer experience within such a niche market.

Boost in Customer Satisfaction

Using Global Group One as your BDC leads to faster response times, diligent follow-up calling, more efficient scheduling, and a more pleasant experience for your customers. While in-house agents put more people on hold and thus lose more customers to dropped calls, we offer premium customer support in a quick and effective manner, which reduces dropped calls and allows customers to resolve their issues within minutes. Moreover, our experienced automotive specialists provide a pleasant phone experience for your customers while making follow-up calls, scheduling appointments, reaching out to potential leads, and more.

Optimize Your Customer Service Department

Our specialists are experts at providing superior customer service and streamlining your marketing and communication efforts. This means that your service department can focus on performing maintenance and servicing your customers at the dealership. We handle the logistics of reaching out to customers over the phone, scheduling your appointments, and filling your service schedule, so your service department has the time and energy to excel.

How can a dealership BDC change your business?

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Your fully-integrated automotive software platform includes:

CRM Suite

Capture and manage your leads more effectively while providing a superbly integrated customer experience.

Marketing Suite

Execute marketing campaigns with automation and triggers that make communication simple.

Service Suite

Manage your service drive more efficiently so you can increase your absorption rate and see a higher ROI.

Call First. Connect First. Sell First.

You'll be the first dealer to connect with your shoppers before the competition.

Customer Experience

Our goal is to delight and even surprise your customers with a 2020 car buying experience.

TCPA Compliant

Real people setting your appointments, not robo-dialers. We take TCPA compliance seriously.


Being consistent is what it takes to be great. Our training and process make us hit the mark every time!

True Lead Identification

We'll identify who's ready to go, right now, and get them to a salesperson or manager fast.

Bad Lead Identification

We'll also identify those bad leads quickly so you don't waste your time.

Inbound Response

When your staff is busy, send overflow communication to a virtual BDC to ensure customer inquiries are answered immediately,.

Outbound Follow Up

Utilizing a virtual BDC for outbound campaigns can bring in new opportunities and convert existing leads without taxing your staff.

Appointment Reminder

Having backup can make sure customers are aware of and show up for appointments while not tying up your best staff members on basic communication.

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